In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, Mrs. Heather Brown’s first grade class at W.E. Parker Elementary School studied hurricanes on Thursday, September 13th.  Students learned what a weather radar was and how to read the radar.  They studied the pattern of a hurricane and learned about its effects.  Part of this study included a writing assignment that described what students would do during Hurricane Florence.

Mrs. Brown read Norman Bridwell’s Clifford and the Big Storm to the class.  They also enjoyed watching how the hurricane was developing and moving.  As they wrote their papers, they gave us all some suggestions as to what to do during the hurricane:  lay down and play on my phone, look at the rain and chew gum, play board games and snuggle with mama, and watch television.

Mrs. Brown added, “The students were very engaged during this study.  I was impressed with their interest and with the questions they asked.”

Pictured left to right: Truman Massey and Lacon Ryan show off their awesome hurricane pictures


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