On November 10th, the fifth grade students and the W.E. Parker Elementary School chorus, under the direction of Ashley LaCrosse (chorus teacher) and Donna Higgenbottom (5th grade teacher), honored our veterans with a musical performance.  Veterans, along with members of their families, from several branches of our armed forces were in attendance.  Each branch of the armed forces was honored with musical tributes. Veterans stood proudly as their branch was saluted.  Students clapped enthusiastically as each branch’s name was called.

The fifth grade students presented a play which told the story of a family attending a Veteran’s Day parade.  A history of Veteran’s Day was given by several 5th grade students as a prelude to the parade and the play.

“So many have sacrificed so much, so we can realize our hopes and dreams and for this gift we say thank you,” remarked Caroline King as she read the opening remarks.  Caden Patterson’s closing remarks summed up the sentiment of our program. “Let us never forget the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom”.

We are grateful for the many freedoms we are allowed because of our veterans.  We were indeed proud to honor our veterans and to give back some small portion of what they sacrificed for our communities and our nation.


Pictured Top: Program participants – Veterans, 5th grade students, and WEP chorus.  Bottom:  Students celebrating each branch of the military.


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