W.E.  Parker Elementary School held Open House on Monday, September 25.  The meeting served several purposes.  The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) spoke, Title One was explained, and parents had an opportunity to speak with their children’s teachers.

The cafeteria was filled with parents, teachers, and students.  The PTO president, Lauren Enloe, introduced the PTO officers: Mary Allison Pettigrew-Vice President, Lori Cockrell-Secretary, Wendi Shaffer-Treasurer, and Noelle Booth-Volunteer Coordinator.  Enloe spoke of the PTO’s ambitious goals for the year.  The PTO will be in charge of honor roll parties and the Fall Festival, and hope to purchase some new playground equipment, just to name a few items discussed.

Gaye Holmes, principal, explained the Title One program.  Title One is a federally funded program that assists schools with high percentages of poverty.  At WEP, it provides additional personnel, professional development for teachers, computer-assisted instruction programs for students, instructional materials and supplies, promotes family involvement and family nights, and helps fund assessments.

Genna Covar, Literacy Coach, covered “What’s New In Education?”  She discussed the profile of the South Carolina graduate.  Students must be prepared for college or technical school not only academically, but they must also possess soft skills. Each student should have transfer goals and possess competencies in thinking, personal, and relational skills.  Covar also reviewed the Read to Succeed Law.  Mrs. Holmes added, “Students can no longer just drill and give that exact information back to the teacher on a test.  They must be able to apply what they have learned to show understanding.”

After the opening meeting, parents went to the classrooms to discuss their children’s progress.

Top left: Noah and Yolanda Oliphant.  Right: Logan Eimen, Mary James, Asia Eimen.

Bottom left: Aerial and Zariah Brown, Tarika Stevens, Kristi Palma.  Right: Elizabeth Enloe, Ryann Creasy, Lori Cockrell, Lauren Enloe, and Wendi Shaffer.


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