W.E. Parker Elementary School held several events to bring emphasis to reading during Read Across America Week. Two of the events were Real Men Read Day and a visit from the Augusta Green Jackets’ mascot, Auggie.

Real Men Read Day was held on Friday, March 2nd.  Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other men from the community came to read books to our students in their classrooms.  Students and teachers enjoyed hearing the guest readers tell stories about why they chose their particular book.  Some shared why reading was important to them and why it should be important for everyone.  We enjoyed having the male mentors come into our classrooms to share a book and to share their time with our students.

The Augusta Green Jackets’ mascot, Auggie, came to visit later in the day.  The purpose of the visit was to kick-off the reading program that the Augusta Green Jackets sponsor each year.  Auggie came to get our students excited about their upcoming reading program.  Auggie acted out the story of “Auggie At Bat” as the story was read to the students.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will have an opportunity to earn a free ticket to the Augusta Green Jackets’ game on May 14 by reading their way around the bases to score a homerun!

The more our students read, the more empowered they become.  Reading should be a lifelong habit.  Linking reading with fun is a win-win for everyone!  WEP will continue to put an emphasis on reading in hopes that all students will see the benefits and enjoyment in sitting down with a good book.

Pictured: Left: Augusta Green Jackets’ Mascot, Auggie.  Top: Torrey Johnson (reader) with Jessica Johnson’s fourth grade class.  Bottom: Charles Culver (reader) with Terri Love’s kindergarten class.


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