On Thursday, February 22, W. E. Parker Elementary School fifth grade students viewed a theatrical performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank” at the Imperial Theater in Augusta.   Prior to the field trip, students learned about World War II and the impact Adolf Hitler’s actions with the Nazis had on the Jewish people.

Students watched as history came alive.  They were able to get a mental picture of the time and place in which Anne Frank and her family lived.  Actors portrayed the family as they went into hiding to avoid life in a concentration camp.  This performance allowed the students to see a personal encounter and to get a glimpse into what the Frank’s lives were like.  After the show, students were able to shake hands and greet the actors who portrayed the roles.  This performance followed the fifth grade social studies standards and enriched the WWII learning experience for the students by making this a real and relevant topic and helped them to better understand this tragic time in history.

To close the trip, students and teachers enjoyed lunch at Wendy’s, where the 5th graders were complimented for their outstanding manners.  The behavior of the students and the compliments received are evidence that we teach and model relational skills each and every day.

The trip was enjoyable for the students and the teachers.  Fifth grader, Rylan Muns, stated, “That was a very good field trip that we went on today.”


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