If you missed “A Night at the South Carolina History Museum” at W.E Parker Elementary School, you really missed a treat! The third graders at WEP performed a South Carolina musical titled “A Night at the South Carolina History Museum” on Thursday, February 1, 2018. This program was an extension of what the students have been studying in their classrooms. Students portrayed significant people in the history of South Carolina. While at the museum, some historical people were spotlighted. Hernando de Soto, King Charles, Blackbeard, Francis Marion, Native Americans from South Carolina and Emily Geiger were just a few that were spotlighted.  Even Strom Thurmond made an appearance. Students really shined when they sang “Carolina in the Morning”, “Fifty Nifty”, and “The 46 Counties.” Another song which was a favorite of many was “South Carolina has Six Regions.” A student, Crayton Strickland, commented, “I’ve been dreaming about singing that song for years!”  From looking at the symbols of South Carolina to dancing the Shag and the Charleston, this musical was quite entertaining and educational.

The teachers involved in this musical were very proud of all of the third grade students: Mrs. LaCross, Ms. Rice, Mrs. Bedenbaugh, Ms. Talbert, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Zabo, and Mrs. Yonce. We would also like to thank Mrs. Wates, Ms. Byers, Mrs. West, and Mrs. Shealy for their help.

After the musical, History Night continued as parents walked the halls and viewed projects done by all grade levels.  Some of the fourth and fifth grade students dressed as historical figures and were stationed in the halls.  As people walked up to them, they spoke about the life of the person they were portraying; it was a “Living History.”

Pictured:  “A Night at the South Carolina History Museum” Cast


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