Career Dress-Up Day was held on Wednesday, February 7 at W.E. Parker Elementary School.  “Mini professionals” could be seen walking the halls.  This day is observed each year around Groundhog Day.  In conjunction with Groundhog Day, job shadowing day was created years ago for older students to “shadow” a career person in an occupation that interests them.  At the elementary level, dressing up is more like a “foreshadowing” of what is to come for them.  Students get excited when they get to dress up.  It was interesting to hear students’ career conversations as they walked down the hall.

The purpose of Career Dress-Up Day is to encourage students to think about their future careers and to realize that everyone needs to have a job that they enjoy and be a contributing member of society.  WEP is growing world class citizens by exposing them daily to what is expected of them as children and as adults.

From seeing the variety of careers represented, Edgefield should have a diverse working population.  Doctors, police officers, veterinarians, teachers, construction workers, firemen and pop-stars were a few of the occupations represented.  One young lady was asked what she was dressed as.  She responded, “A role model.”  This creative career is one that we can incorporate into all careers.

Pictured: Left: Trinity Tedder. Top: Hugh Doyle, Ginna Ann Wates, Bailey Sturkie, Reese Hidlay. Bottom: Olivia Stevens, Malakai Oliphant, Zachary Stokes, Rebecca Carpenter, and Austin Norris.


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